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Philanthropy and Fundraising Services. The topic of philanthropy is expected to grow strongly in the coming years. The reason is the massive increase in ultra-high-net-worth individuals. As wealthy people with huge assets

Private Member Clubs and Networks.This service Private Member Clubs and Networks is a very unique service developed solely on our experience. We know a lot about Private Member Clubs and Networks.

Cybersecurity and IT Security. Kevin Underwood and his experts in the field, provide cybersecurity and IT security for businesses. Cybercrime and IT security are more relevant today than you might think

Cryptocurrencies Service. Our cryptocurrencies service serves investors to learn how to deal with cryptocurrencies, we take cryptocurrencies as an asset class under the microscope

Family Office and Wealth Advisory Service. Kuss a agency for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, High Net Worth Individuals, High Net Worth families, famliy offices, wealth management firms and the luxury goods industry.

Kevin Underwood – Private Travel.Kevin Underwood – Private Travel, the staff of this unit knows exactly what (U)HNWI’s demand from travel, no matter what the motive. If you want to be well advised on money matters

Lifestyle Service and Management for High Net Worth Individuals. Kevin Underwood’s Lifestyle Service and Management for High Net Worth Individuals provides a comprehensive 360 degree Luxury Lifestyle Service for High Net Worth Individuals