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Grenada - Citizenship by Investment

The island nation of Grenada is located in the southeastern Caribbean, northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, and southwest of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is also known as “Spiee Island” for its export of large quantities of nutmeg and corn. With a population of about 110,000, Grenada is a member of the Commonwealth. The British monarch is Queen of Grenada and Head of State, represented by a Governor General, and English is the official language.

Citizenship by investment – Greenada, is offered by Greenada. Grenada is also a member of the United Nations, the Organization of American States (OAS), CARICOM, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, the Non-Aligned Movement and the World Trade Organization Organization. The local currency, the Eastern Caribbean dollar, has a fixed exchange rate to the U.S. dollar (EC$2.70 = US$1.00).

Grenada, which is mainly focused on tourism, is easily accessible and is served by various airlines directly from New York, London, Toronto, Miami, etc.. The average temperatures in Grenada are 24-30 degrees Celsius. Grenada is located in a tropical climate area with little rainfall. A chain of Caribbean islands, firstcket itself over 4,000 km from the coast of Florida to the north coast of Venezuela.

Here in this corridor, there are about 7,000 islands, but Grenada is felt to be one of the most beautiful. Grenada enchants with its impressive beaches, picturesque bays and lush vegetation. The island belongs to the so-called Lesser Antilles and forms a “southern point” between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which stands out because of its hospitality. There are plenty of nutmeg plantations on the island, along with ginger, cloves and cinnamon. That is why Grenada is also known as the Spice Island. Among the main exports go, nutmeg, sugar, bananas and cocoa.

Grenada amazing Island - amazing CBI Program

Read all about the costs and requirements for the Citizenship by Investment Program in Grenada.

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Grenada - CBI

For many UHNWIs, having a second citizenship is now a given in order to remain globally mobile in any situation.

Mobility has been redefined since the pandemic. We have all learned how important freedom of movement is. Use the possibility of a 2nd citizenship with passport or a 2nd residence by investment. Move globally in any situation.

The world is changing, many things will be different, act with foresight and use this legal opportunity to lead your family and yourself to a successful future.

We are a leading and together with our partner worldwide authorized agency for – Immigration by Investment – Talk to us today, we will be happy to advise you.

Treat yourself or your family, to this new fantastic quality of life and talk to us about it. We are one of the world’s leading agencies when it comes to immigration, professionalism, customer satisfaction and work processes. We do not waste time! – Travel and Live like your way. For us, quality matters not quantity. 

Short Overview

For many UHNWIs, having a second citizenship is now a given in order to remain globally mobile in any situation.

Short Facts Cititzenship by Investment

No country restriction

The passport is issued after 4 to 7 months. Citizenship can be granted after only 60 days.

Visa-free travel to over 144 countries, including the United Kingdom, Schengen Area European countries, Australia, China and Hang Kong. E-2- "investor visa" available for stay in the United States. E-Visa

It is possible as a citizen of Grenada, to operate a business in the United States USA, and also to reside there. This makes the signed E-2 agreement between Grenada and the United States

You can plan to stay in the UK for 6 months at a time with a Grenada citizenship. This is allowed

Serious passport that makes it easy to get a visa if needed

There is the possibility to settle in Grenada and most CARICOM member countries at any time and for any period of time

You get a biometric passport, also known as an e-passport or digital passport, which increases security and reduces the risk of forgery

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