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Citizenship by investment - Vanuatu

Vanuatu - the most beautiful of the South Seas

Living in Vanuatu are like trips to the origin of Melanesia. According to a study, the happiest people live on Vanuatu in terms of satisfaction, life expectancy and interaction with nature. The Vanuatu – Citizenship by investment Program offered by the island nation of Vanuatu is perfect for singles or for families who need a quick turnaround time. 

Living on Vanuatu is still something very special. If you want to live here, you should know that the island state of Vanuatu is located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean and stretches over a length of more than 1,300 kilometers. Vanuatu is also known as the New Hebrides.  The republic in the southwest Pacific Ocean has been independent since 1980 and consists of several islands. Vanuatu comprises 83 islands. 

The largest islands are Espiritu Santo with the highest point, the 1,879 m high Tabwemasana Gip fel and the islands of Malakula, Efate, Tanna and Erromango. Vanuatu, with its untouched rainforests, indescribable flora and fauna, magnificent white sandy beaches lined with coral reefs, is one of the most scenically diverse regions in the South Seas.

Unique in the world is the diversity of 115 cultures and languages of the Melanesian population. Vanuatu has crystal clear waters and paradisiacal beaches. The underwater world is unique and a unique experience for divers. The weather is fantastic all year round. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius with high humidity. Australia or New Zealand are about 3,000 kilometers away and can be reached comfortably by plane.

Vanuatu amazing Country - amazing CBI Program

Read all about the costs and requirements for the Citizenship by Investment Program in Vanuatu

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Vanuatu - CBI

For many UHNWIs, having a second citizenship is now a given in order to remain globally mobile in any situation.

Mobility has been redefined since the pandemic. We have all learned how important freedom of movement is. Use the possibility of a 2nd citizenship with passport or a 2nd residence by investment. Move globally in any situation.

The world is changing, many things will be different, act with foresight and use this legal opportunity to lead your family and yourself to a successful future.

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Short Overview

For a better and more advantageous solution for Citizenship by investment – Vanuatu, you do not need to look at all, not even on a Caribbean island or elsewhere.

Short Facts

Visa-free regime for 129 countries - UK and all of Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai

From government approval 14 - 45 days

Spende an die Regierung erfolgt erst nach Genehmigung

Donation to the government is made only after approval

The only Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program of its kind in the Asia-Pacific hemisphere.

Vanuatu offers advantages for companies

International banks likes ANZ Bank, Bred Bank, BSP (Bank of South Pacific) are therte

Tax-free country (except for indirect taxes such as VAT and customs)

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