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Exclusive Daniel Marshall premium cigars – SchwabenWelt



A very special premiere took place this year in Michael Wilhelmer’s tent at the Cannstatter Volksfest. Daniel Marshall came specially from California and personally presented his premium cigar brand „Daniel Marshall Cigars“. The cigar brand is mainly known worldwide by the rich and beautiful.

Daniel Marshall is one of the leading names in the cigar world. DM is „Cigar Aficionado’s No.1 rated humidor designer and creator of the coveted 24kt Golden Cigar.


DM Humidors & Cigars can be found in the homes and offices of countless Hollywood celebrities, US presidents, dignitaries, captains of industry and fashion designers. The world’s most demanding cigar lovers swear by Daniel Marshall’s humidors. Marshall is also a supplier of cigars and humidors to the English royal family.

Daniel Marshall not only dreamed the American dream – he also lives it with great success. His humidors, cigars and accessories are gaining more and more followers in Europe. Known for the high quality of his humidors, which are also award-winning, Daniel Marshall is the only US manufacturer of humidors to have achieved international recognition.

The big hit on Saturday at the VIP Ladies in Stuttgart – DM Red Label

After an exhausting day full of PR appointments in Stuttgart, Californian Daniel Marshall rocked the VIP lounge in Michael Wilhelmer’s marquee in the SchwabenWelt tent. Daniel Marshall and Michael Wilhelmer got to know each other in Munich and so it happened that DM presented his exclusive cigars exclusively in Michael Wilhelmer’s tent.

If you would like to take a personal look at the golden cigar, you can do so in the VIP Lounge in the SchwabenWelt marquee.

Surprisingly DM triggered a new trend among the ladies in Stuttgart. His brand Red Label was smoked by the women this evening especially gladly and often.

Daniel Marshall redefines smoking pleasure – Daniel Marshall Campfire Events

Whether in Beverly Hills, Kitzbühel, Graz, Monaco, Munich, Berlin or Stuttgart, the Daniel Marshall Campfire events are something very special. Many celebrities, exclusive locations, good food and perfect networking in a private atmosphere around the globe make these exclusive lifestyle events something very special. Only a small circle of privileged people get access to these Luxury Smoke Experiences.

Legendary the Daniel Marshall Campfire event in the Kitzbühel Country Club always in February.

Daniel Marshall Cigar Lounge in Kitzbühel

For the noble private member club in Kitzbühel – the „Kitzbühel Country Club“ Daniel created a humidor and inaugurated it together with his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger and other invited guests. By the way, a tip for all cigar lovers, the cigar lounge in the Kitzbühel Country Club is fantastic.

Red Label 24kt Golden Cigar – Daniel Marshall brought golden moments to Stuttgart

Daniel Marshall also had his 24kt golden cigar in his luggage, which costs around 300 euros and is the big seller among VIPs.

Each Daniel Marshall Red Label 24kt Golden Torpedo is wrapped in over 50 individual pure 24 carat gold leaves from Italy. The Golden Torpedo measures 6.25 x 54 rings and is elaborately produced in Nicaragua in the Plasencia factory in collaboration with cigar legend Manuel Quesada.

Photos Kevin Underwood, Melissa, KCC



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