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Experienced In Bespoke Private Client Services for (U)HNWI

Kevin Underwood, along with his team, provides comprehensive and modern wealth management services to (U)HNWIs. This includes asset protection, private banking services, investment advisory and corporate services.

About us

Achieving success and the satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal. We are an international team, each team member masters a different discipline, the individual team members or service partners are specialists in their field and have many years of practical experience. As different as our agency is, as different are the mentalities and the CVs of the people who work with us.

However, they all have two things in common, a lot of practical life experience and specialized knowledge in their fields, both of which they have provided to wealthy people for several decades. This is also why we can offer a unique package of different services to high net worth individuals, ultra high net worth individuals, high net worth families and corporations worldwide.

We know the thinking, actions and preferences of high net worth clients. In particular, we know high net worth families who have family members in different generations and can meet this challenge. We recognized early on that diversification and technology would be important in future wealth management.

For us, diversification has never been solely about our clients’ wealth. For us, it is important to understand individual lifestyles, orientations and different generations of the family we serve. Because only this leads to a good cooperation and success in the long run.

Important for us is the absolute independence in asset management. Not to be dependent on superior decisions, to keep the client even if he does or wants to do things, he himself considers right. To let the customer decide completely freely what he wants and to support him fully and if necessary to point out the risks is one of our philosophies, for which we are appreciated.

A financial plan should be a tool to achieve your desired goals. You have ideas, goals and dreams. We have a culturally diverse, forward-thinking team that is global in scope to make their ideas come true.

Our approach is to bring together the most successful financial planning and investment management while protecting their growing wealth and ensuring that their lifestyle and lifestyle does not suffer, but is enriched every day. That’s what lifestyle and concierge services are for.

Your Kevin Underwood

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We Offer Financial & Superior Services

Learn more about the point, how to protect your assets and what Asset Protection means.

More control over own assets

Based on our experience, we have found that the ever-changing environment and the possibilities of diversification, which can ensure the preservation of wealth, the different generations in a modern family, has created a need that we want to meet.

The management of today’s family wealth means that families want to have more control over their assets. Therefore, wealthy families prefer more and more the services of family offices, which should be independent and master different disciplines.

How we work to protect your assets

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Protect your assets

Optimally structure assets from a legal and regulatory perspective

Spreading the investment risk

Through diversification of assets

Create prerequisite

Define processes and generate assets

The next generation

Preparing and bringing in the next generation

Full Services

Foundations, Trusts, Real Estate Management & Philanthropy - Fiduciary - Services


Detailed list of our services

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

Cash-Flow Management

Life Insurance

 Financing of assets

Insurance of assets

Corporate finance


Investment Service

Management Accounts

Advisory Accounts

FX Advisory

Investment Strategy

Family Office Service

Accounting Service

Philanthropy / Fundraising

Citizenship by Investment Services

Lifestyle Service/Event Service

Network Management

Private Member Clubs

Private Client Security

Media & PR-Services

Investment Options

Fixed income and bonds




Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds



Alternative Investments

impact investing

Venture Capital

Private Equity

Infrastructure investment projects

Real Estate

Structured Products

Hedge Funds


Asset Protection


International Trusts Service

Modern Portfolio Theory


Risk Management


We are internationally positioned

We have established ourselves internationally and work with international service partners. Working internationally also means that we need to understand the complexity of internationally oriented customers and work closely with your consultants.

For us, quality not quantity counts in consulting

Because every client is different and his right is to get our 100% attention. Getting customized advice, individual solutions and services is our goal towards our client. We support you with the best specialists and the best solutions for their individual needs.

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Private wealth management – Switzerland is the global leader

Private wealth management – Switzerland is the global leader

Private wealth management – Switzerland is the global leader.Switzerland’s

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