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Philanthropie and Fundraising

We help in all matters of fundraising and philotropy

Philanthropy and Fundraising

The number of high net worth individuals, ultra high net worth individuals and the wealth of rich families has been growing steadily in recent years. As a result, new philanthropists are also constantly emerging or existing commitments remain and expand.

Generally, donors are served by their family offices when it comes to philanthropy. Due to the strong growth of assets, the requirements of this service will increase significantly. This is exactly where we come in. 


What we do

As a classic agency in the field of fundraising, we offer all solutions from consulting, to a concept development, the determination of the donation amount and the implementation of the fundraising campaign. We develop projects for your project and carry out all the necessary processes to make it a success. In addition, we organize charity events and take care of the PR and invitations of the appropriate guests for these charities. 

We work with non-profit organizations of all sizes and ranges, from unknown start-ups to well-known names. Every client, no matter how big or small, receives the same world-class service we are known for. We also offer our services to family offices and direct major donors.

How we work

To do this, we partner with passionate humanitarian fundraising professionals and fundraising consultants who will work with your nonprofit team to raise funds at every donor level and through every fundraising channel. We do direct mail for nonprofits, digital marketing, we handle mid-level giving, major gifts and provide branding services.

We speak directly to major donors or to the board of a company or organization when individual major donors or organizations want to or are philanthropic to implement the optimal success of those donations.

What else you should know

The Philanthropy Blueprint is a process and product that helps nonprofits successfully grow and sustain their development programs. The Philanthropy Blueprint allows for greater emphasis on major and legacy gifts, as well as diversifying and increasing event and annual fund donors through strategic stewardship and communications.

As part of fundraising consulting, Kevin Underwood's team can help you determine if your organization is ready for a capital campaign, how much money you should expect to raise and how to prepare. The team can also help ensure success by building a solid infrastructure for your campaign and serving as an accountability partner.

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