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PR- and Brand Communication

Communication concepts and PR implementation

Brand Communication

PR consulting and implementation par excellence. As an expert for luxury brands, lifestyle brands, private banks, family offices, start-ups and foundations, Kevin Underwood offers comprehensive PR services, content marketing (storytelling) and online marketing measures.

Brand communication and branding

Workshops around brand communication, brand building, influencers and bloggers are also part of our portfolio. Not only do we as an agency need to understand how you best position your brand as a company, organization or individual, you also need an understanding of this. Because that's the only way we can strengthen the brand position and create real added value.

Strategic proliferation - not for us

Instead of creative wildness, we go to work with strategic discipline right from the start. We're about not telling them how great we are and what we can accomplish together if you're willing to pay the fees. That your brand is fantastic and a good fit for us already confirms that you have landed on this website.

We're all about developing an understanding of your brand, understanding what your goals are, and then developing the actions to help you achieve your brand goal. If you are still undecided about which goals you want to or can achieve with your brand, we are happy to support you and show you the possibilities.

We not only take care of strategy and development, but also the entire operational implementation, from web and print to POS or apps on demand. However, our focus is on marketing and PR strategy development and implementation or monitoring of compliance with this strategy. Image Design, is our topic!

If stormy times arise, we stand by your brand with our crisis management and try to get the coals out of the oven. So that your brand can swim in calm waters again.




The first thing to work out is where I stand, where I want to go and with what effort I can achieve my goal. Further questions can be, how am I perceived from the outside and do I have to correct something or not.


Having a good ranking in the search engines is important. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) this raking can be greatly improved. Talk to our specialists about the possibilities


Today you are usually inundated with newsletters. Which newsletter do you read, which newsletter do you delete or put in the trash without reading. We know what it takes to reach the target group with a newsletter.


Here we are not thinking about Photoshop, here we are thinking about how is an image built, how is an image perceived, how can I change an image? Pure strategy! A supreme discipline of ours. Let us convince you of this TODAY.


Being visible on the web and among your target group is crucial for economic success. But on which platforms do you find your target group or target groups? How do I address my target groups correctly?


Use social media as an important channel for your online marketing. we show you individual and successful strategies for social networks and platforms. Social media marketing is important.


On request, we create modern landing pages and websites as well as online stores. An up to date and individual design will be appreciated by your target groups. Talk to our experts about your web project. They will help you to get success.


We are also happy to develop suitable advertising for you in all formats. A well-rehearsed team will gladly take over the media planning in the off- and online area. Our creative team has many years of experience in various industries.

PR consulting, we are one of the best in the world

Public relations is the art of presenting a company's brand or one's own name favorably to the public by spoken or written words through gestures or actions that are symbolic. The same applies to products or services of companies.

Our core task is to successfully communicate the content of a company, an organization, a foundation or a person and to present it between customer or fan, i.e. in public, in the way you want it to be presented. In doing so, it is important to ensure that your message is also understood by the public in the way you want it to be.

However, the mediation between these two parties can be done through different channels. The provision of these channels with relevant information is therefore our basic task, which consists of various disciplines.

Development or optimization of the communication strategy

Through intensive workshops with our clients, we develop or optimize concepts for communication strategies. Individually adapted to the company, the organization, the foundation or the person we serve.

The classic press work

Research, copywriting, dispatch and monitoring - all this is part of the implementation of a professional press release. The press release is the most classic and at the same time also one of the most frequent and usually also most cost-effective measures. In addition, we answer press inquiries or present our customers' topics to the right media - depending on the target group, these are general media, trade media or special interest media.

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Online measures are becoming increasingly important in public relations. Conceptualizing, copywriting, relaunching websites, SEO analyses and optimizations or managing social media channels - as a PR agency, we are very versatile here and support our customers wherever their target group or target audiences move. Why working with influencers is becoming increasingly important or how to write good SEO texts.


Storytelling - Content Marketing

This has become a very important part of content marketing. This is about stories worth telling, which are to be transported to the outside world. We identify these stories and carry them to the outside world in spoken and written form, offline or online.

With this content, companies can become real brands, brands can make their products or services more aware to the public and the beginning of a success story is preprogrammed. 

In order for customers and the public to perfectly identify with what is told and the brand, we use a wide variety of storytelling mechanisms and combine them with each other. The result, the brand or you build a real connection to the company or to them, which remains permanently in the memory. 

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