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Private wealth management


Private wealth management – Switzerland is the global leader. „Switzerland’s financial center is among the most successful and diverse in the world. Combining tradition and expertise built up over generations with a pioneering spirit of innovation. The banks have both strong local roots and outstanding international networks. They play a key role in ensuring that the financial centre remains competitive and stable.“  Swiss Bankers Association.

Switzerland is the global wealth leader

Switzerland continues to be viewed by international investors around the world as a safe place. Perhaps the safest place – to hold assets for global, investment management diversification and long-term wealth preservation. An uninterrupted policy of solid political stability. And monetary security, a strong currency, a sophisticated financial system and highest-quality wealth management services. Continue to make Switzerland a reliable safe haven for investors, domestically and internationally. 

Swiss institutions have a considerable lead in the differentiating factors of quality and performance. Almost no other location can offer such comprehensive, high-quality and competent asset management. That is diversified in terms of cultures and languages. Digital transformation and sustainable finance are important topics for the future. The Swiss financial center is also very well positioned to meet the growing needs of private clients. In view of geopolitical uncertainties, Switzerland also has an advantage thanks to its high degree of reliability and resilience in times of crisis. Switzerland’s neutrality provides a shelter from worldwide political turmoil.

The influential Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch rating agencies continue to issue Switzerland a AAA-rating with a stable outlook. Because of the country’s small size and high labor specialization, industry, trade and the service sector are key to Switzerland’s economic livelihood. Switzerland has achieved one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. With low unemployment rates and a balanced budget. Low inflation rates, low capital costs, a good investment climate and solid purchasing. Power make the Swiss economy one of the most innovative, liberal and competitive in the world. Taxation is rather low. There are barriers to getting a resident permit and citizenship. The healthcare system is a blended mechanism; and a sensible retirement model all combine to offer no real threat to the triple-A rating.

Four core values of the Swiss financial center

The four core values of the Swiss financial center are stability, universality, responsibility and excellence. They have formed the cornerstones of Swiss banking for generations and are the reason why the country’s financial center is so successful.


Stability is a hallmark of the Swiss financial center. Its reliable legal system and political institutions, and its sound currency make it a “safe haven” for individuals and companies from all over the world. While Swiss banks operate globally, they remain firmly rooted in their home market. 


Switzerland’s financial center is culturally diverse and offers a complete range of products and services for customers of every nationality and wealth category and meets the broadest possible spectrum of customer needs. Thanks to a highly trained, multilingual and open-minded staff, the professionals are able to provide outstanding advice. 


Everything the Swiss financial center does is driven by respect for the individual and the ethical and moral standards of the social systems in which they operate. These standards must be respected and defended. A very high bar is set when it comes to conduct towards customers, society, staff and the environment. Binding rules have been established governing how day-to-day business is continuously assessed, reviewed and improved. In dealing with international organizations, the Swiss financial industry makes the case for practically oriented rules and adheres to global standards. 


With the most talented, capable and ambitious staff, tried-and-tested and innovative methods, and the best available systems, the Swiss financial center ensures the very highest standards of quality. They are founded on the age-old tradition of the Swiss financial center but also open and flexible in addressing the changing needs of today’s customers and society. Switzerland also offers a first-class environment for digital innovation, while its regulatory system is recognized internationally as exemplary. 

Swiss wealth management expertise is sought after and respected, thanks to intensive education and training, innovation and the highest standards of quality and integrity. Swiss wealth management is based on tried and proven methods and strategies, and with many years of experience in international investing, Swiss wealth managers are the world’s leaders in cross-border wealth management and private banking.

Global leader for private cross border wealth management

Wealth management is the Swiss financial center’s leading area of expertise. It encompasses the provision of comprehensive financial services for private individuals and the management of their assets. The banks in Switzerland had assets under management totaling CHF 8,386.9 bn in May 2021. The share of non-resident client assets is 46.3%. The Swiss franc remains the dominant, strong currency with a share of more than 50% even though assets can also be held in euros, US dollars and any other currency. Assets under management have grown around 50% since 2011.


All articles and publications are for your information only and are not intended as an offer, promotion, or solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument or perform any other financial transactions. All information and opinions expressed in articles and publications reflect our current views as of the date of the publication and may be liable to change without notice.

White Money strategy

As long ago as 2009, the Swiss financial center declared a white money strategy and provides legal and compliant financial services with a commitment to complying with all taxation-related, international standards. All of the key international standards (e.g. tax compliance, capital requirements) are adhered to.

Tough capital requirements

Swiss financial institutions maintain the toughest capital requirements and continue to be the safest in the world. The Swiss Federal Department of Finance and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA regularly add a stricter „Swiss finish“ to international regulations and provisions. Swiss banks have significantly increased their capital and liquidity buffers over recent years, and they are well equipped to handle uncertainties.

Privacy, confidentiality and discretion in a transparent world

Privacy, confidentiality and discretion, especially in regard to money matters, is a highly sensitive subject and therefore requires the highest level of safety measures that can be obtained, despite increasing transparency in tax matters. You want to limit the number of individuals that have knowledge of your financial transactions to an absolute minimum. Swiss wealth managers have an ingrained respect for privacy and handle all financial matters with utmost discretion.

Future financial well-being

Today more than ever before, the long-term political, economic and financial stability of countries, economies, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions is a crucial factor when investing funds with the goal of long-term wealth preservation and growth. 

With Alpen Partners, Switzerland, an investment portfolio according to preferences and needs, complementing a local investment strategy can be established. No hectic moves, no panicky fleeing…just a forward-thinking, well thought-out and sensible strategy for future financial well-being.

Alpen Partners is an independent, Swiss wealth manager in Zurich, Geneva, Locarno, and Bäch, Switzerland providing bespoke Swiss wealth management services to an international clientele. Alpen Partners International is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States and is dedicated to serving US clients.

Detailed Information

If you are interested in the topic, we can give you more information, please contact us. We are also happy to advise US clients together with our partners, we have the expertise for this. 

Photo: Headline – Shutterstock. Text – Christian Kamer, Managing Partner, Alpen Partners AG | Alpen Partners International AG

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