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Citizenship by Investment – Residence by Investment – Private Client Service

Private Client Service

Private Client Service & Lifestyle Service

Our Private Client Service offers customized solutions through a worldwide professional network of service partners, in the areas of residence permits, citizenship and tax efficiency. This perfect interaction brings together years of experience, knowledge and resources that have worked together optimally for many years, producing many satisfied clients.

Besides investments for citizenship and residency, our Private Client Service offers a total of 13 service focuses for (U)High Net Worth Individuals. A look at these services have already paid off many times. Talk to us. We have a long-standing expertise in offering HNWI a 360 degree service. For the private and business sector. 


For your family and you. Make a smart investment in a second

citizenship or residency. In a global world this

becomes more and more necessary.


In order to manage assets optimally, the legal options must be explored internationally. Starting from international financial centers, we work out global solutions, together with legal, tax and accounting advisors.  To this end, we make suggestions as to which best suits their lifestyle.

Diversification will also play a major role in asset management in the future. Growth and protection of assets, is the core task of our partners and us. An individual tax plan in combination with tax-advantaged investments and the appropriate lifestyle choices lead to finding the right individual solutions. 

Our partners and we have the potential to ensure that you will realize significant tax savings. Building structures that are related to tax treaties and legal tax planning techniques is at the core of our task. It should also be taken into account that in the future taxes could be levied on a person’s citizenship, as is the case in the USA.

Taxes and legal - planning

Citizenship by investment


The world is changing, make sure you can move globally at any time.                         Because in many places it becomes more and more insecure.


A second passport, a second home is becoming more and more important. Many HNWI have already recognized this.


Our Partner and we are authorized to help with immigration. Talk to us today! Don’t miss out on an important option for future.

We navigate you as a private person and company through international tax law, through the international financial and investment market, in order to optimally protect and increase your assets.  

The national and international complexity and density of regulations in all areas, whether in tax law, in investment opportunities or in the private sector, continues to increase. We present the solutions in such a way that you can see through and understand them, so that you can make decisions for a successful future.

Our main areas of expertise include international tax planning and advice on FDI’s, the purchase or sale of investments, shares in companies and real estate, taking into account the tax situation. We offer our services to private asset owners, foundations, pension funds and other institutional investors.

Private Client Service - Asset Management - Family Office

family office tax

Our Private Client Service – Lifestyle provides you with global access to (U)HNWI events. We take care that you can continue your lifestyle globally in your own way, no matter where you are. Sports activities, leisure activities, socializing with like-minded people. Being able to travel for business or pleasure without having to worry about the organization. We are also happy to work and coordinate with your PA.

If you want to hold an event for business or pleasure, we can do the complete organization. The type of event or the size of the event does not matter. Of course we also have a first class guest relations team. Who will welcome your guests warmly and make sure that nothing disturbs the course of the event. Of course this service is also global. We also offer as a location scout to search globally for the right location for you. We know our way around the world and know the most noble locations.

Private Client Service - Lifestyle

You want a new watch, a new car, a new property, a yacht or a private jet. No problem. We can organize everything that is available globally. Of course also art and other rare pieces. Talk to us, we are happy to do you a favor. With us everything goes through a lawyer who handles the sale or purchase and in case of an incident does a background check to see if the seller has the goods and is authorized to sell the goods and the buyer has the money to pay for the goods.

With us there are no agents in between, we do everything directly with the customers. Anyone who has been in the luxury goods business knows how important this approach is. Of course, the first thing to do is to make a written agreement with us and pay a service fee before we take action. Especially for new customers. We can procure used and new luxury goods of all kinds. We will only be active in case of specific requests.

If you want to have insurance or financing for your new luxury goods, you can also talk to us about it. For this case, we have a special service provider, who has years of experience with the insurance and financing of luxury goods.  

Private Client Service - luxury goods

luxury goods

One thing can be said, philanthropy is going to increase a lot in the next years, because there has been a strong increase of very wealthy people in the last years, especially in the Ultra High Net Worth Individual sector. The good thing is that when wealth increases among the wealthy, more donations are made and more social projects are created. Which in turn is good for the general public.

Family offices will not be able to meet this high demand on their own in the coming years. That is why we offer a fundraising service for wealthy clients. Especially in North America, a special “philanthropic culture” has developed. Our Philanthropy and Fundraising Services, offer the classic fundraising services.

Our fundraising service is aimed at private individuals, companies, foundations and public institutions. We offer a systematic analysis, planning, implementation and control of all activities of a charitable organization, which aim to provide all necessary resources such as money, goods and services, through a consistent alignment with the needs of the donor / philanthropist. Talk to us about your project. 

Privatkundendienst - Philanthropy & Fundraising

There are many different reasons why it can be useful to have a second citizenship or residence permit. In many places, unfortunately, there are still no standards on diversity and inclusion. The own protection for people with minority background plays a big role. Take the opportunity to live in another country that accepts their lifestyle.

Work, live and travel globally to countries that are LGBTQ friendly, for example. We can help them with this. Talk to us, we will be happy to show you solutions that allow you to live and travel as you imagine. No matter in which partnership constellation, you want to do it. Before the local life becomes not worth living anymore, you should think about immigration to another country.

There are countries where it is not easy to live as a person with a minority background. In some countries there are many restrictions, from the side of politics and society. To live a normal life becomes more and more difficult. A solution could be a residence permit in another country or a citizenship, in a distant country that is liberal and allows one’s own lifestyle combined with one’s own way of life again. 

Diversification, variety and inclusion


Generally, you must invest in local real estate if you want citizenship or residency. This is required by most Citizenship by Investment Programs and Residency by Investment Programs. Through our years of international work, we have found the most beautiful properties in each country for you, the best properties that yield the most return.

With pleasure you can acquire your new dream domicile through us. If you wish, we will take care that you find your top real estate on the spot. If you wish, we will conduct the negotiations and, together with our lawyers, take care of the complete purchase of the house. As a well-rehearsed team we are very fast in this and do not lose any time.

But not only in connection with a citizenship or residence permit we will find the right real estate for you. We are also happy to find your dream property for you outside the Citizenship and Residency Programs internationally. Whereby we are helpful with residential and commercial real estate. Talk to us.    

We also find your dream mobile

real estate

We have the opportunity to apply for second citizenship or residency in over 72 countries. We do this through the Citizenship by Investment, Residence by Investment or Start up and Business programs. 

So if there is a country not listed here that you are interested in, please contact us. We have the expertise to advise you thoroughly and in detail. After that we can make you an individual proposal, which corresponds to your ideas. Sometimes it makes sense to talk to an experienced consultant before committing yourself. 

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