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Residence by Investment - Portugal

Residence by Investment - Portugal

Located in the extreme southwest of Europe, Portugal is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world with its mild, friendly climate, many sunny days and over 850 km of magnificent beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. Its unique cultural heritage, traditions combined with modern trends and one of the best cuisines can together form the perfect paradise package for any tourist or potential investor.

Portugal has an impressive historical heritage that spans the world through its former colonies from Brazil to Indochina, and has managed to create one of the most secure and stable political systems. Portugal is a European country located in the west of the Iberian Peninsula. As the westernmost point of continental Europe, the country is bordered by Spain to the east and north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south.

The Portuguese territory includes the islands of the Azores and Madeira (with Porto Santo). Portugal is in NATO, the OECD and is a member of the United Nations of the Council of Europe. Portugal joined the Schengen agreements. Portugal and Spain joined the European Communities (EC), which later became the EU.

Portugal is one of the “greenest” cities in the EU. In 2020, the capital Lisbon received the European “Green Capital Award 2020” from the European Commission. The cultural metropolis convinced the EU Commission with its combination of economic growth and sustainability after the economic crisis. Tourism is an important source of income for Portugal. With about 17 million tourists per year, Portugal is one of the most visited countries in the world.

The most common destinations are the Algarve and the region around the capital Lisbon. The country is famous for wine growing, especially port wine, and is the world’s most important producer of raw cork. Despite its conservative, Catholic society, the traditionally cosmopolitan country has developed into a very liberal country today. For example, the progressive situation of homosexuality in Portugal.

For example, full same-sex marriage became possible in Portugal back in 2010. Portugal is a very safe country. In 2019, it was ranked third in the Global Peace Index. Talk to us, we have the expertise to find a suitable solution for you if you are interested in a Residency by Investment or Citizenship by Investment solution.

Portugal amazing Country - amazing RBI Program

Read all about the costs and requirements for the Citizenship by Investment Program in Portugal. 

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Portugal- RBI

For many UHNWIs, having a second citizenship is now a given in order to remain globally mobile in any situation.

Mobility has been redefined since the pandemic. We have all learned how important freedom of movement is. Use the possibility of a 2nd citizenship with passport or a 2nd residence by investment. Move globally in any situation

The world is changing, many things will be different, act with foresight and use this legal opportunity to lead your family and yourself into a successful future.

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Treat yourself or your family, to this new fantastic quality of life and talk to us about it. We are one of the world’s leading agencies when it comes to immigration, professionalism, customer satisfaction and work processes. We do not waste time! – Travel and Live like your way.

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Short Overview

For many UHNWIs, having a second citizenship is now a given in order to remain globally mobile in any situation.

Short Facts Portugal 

You can travel to 29 countries in Europe (Schengen area) without a visa. In total, travel to 185 countries is possible.

European residence in 6 months.

 After that you have to prove a stay of 7 days per year in Portugal.

No interview, language test, education or management experience required.

The program includes spouses and children under 18. Adult children over 18 may qualify if they demonstrate financial dependence.

The parents of the primary applicant also qualify if they demonstrate financial dependence.

 Visa-free travel and stays for all non-EU nationals, travel and stays for all non-EU nationals.

After 5 years you can apply for citizenship and could become an EU citizen.

Portugal offers fantastic tax advantages.

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