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Turkey-Citizenship by Investment

Turkey bridges the gap between Europe and Asia. Here, democracy meets Islam, East meets West, and modernity meets tradition. Turkey is a unitary state in Anatolia in the Near East and Eastern Thrace in Southeast Europe. Geographically, the country is usually divided into seven regions. Turkey has more than 83 million inhabitants (as of 2019). There are 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and numerous nature reserves in Turkey.

Measured by the Human Development Index (HDI), Turkey is one of the very highly developed countries. Turkey is a middle-income emerging market and produced the thirteenth largest economic output in the world in 2016, adjusted for purchasing power. Turkey is a member of the OECD, NATO, the United Nations, the G20, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, among others. Furthermore, since 1999, Turkey has officially been an EU candidate country.

It is also one of six independent Turkish states and an active member of the Turkic Council and the TÜRKSOY community. From bright blue sea to golden beaches and urban city life, staying in Turkey is a colorful paradise of different impressions. Stroll the bustling streets of Kemer and test your haggling skills in bazaar stores.

Climb aboard a ship and experience an amazing sea adventure and a fantastic boat ride on the Bosphorus. Or ride horses through a landscape rich in aromas and ancient trees. Several countries have enacted provisions that allow citizenship to be acquired based on an investment and/or direct contribution to the state as a means of developing the country.

In Turkey, the Turkish Citizenship Law provides that the government may reward foreign individuals with citizenship in the case of exceptional merit.This may take various forms, including economic, and may include capital contributions or other economic benefits to Turkey. We have the expertise here to provide the best advice on this point.

We advise you on suitable capital contribution opportunities, we liaise with the various government agencies and ministries and finally prepare your application.  We submit the application to the government on your behalf. As with other citizenship programs, the process includes a thorough background check. Citizenship documents are issued.

Once the citizenship application has been approved. The granting of citizenship is not disclosed to any other country as it falls under government privacy/official secrets regulations. We help expedite the process, we assist with registration and can do everything in advance on your behalf. All you have to do is come in for registration and fingerprinting.

Of course, we have been providing quality lobbying services in Turkey for a long time. Talk to us and get advice from an agency that has many years of experience with immigration to Turkey. Of course we can also find another solution for you worldwide. We are also happy to present you a global tax planning.    Or use our Private Client Service, which offers you all the comforts a (U)HNWI is used to. 



Turkey amazing Country - amazing CBI Program

Read all about the costs and requirements for the Citizenship by Investment Program in Turkey. 

Citizenship by Investment - Türkei
Kosten - Citizenship by Investment - Türkei

Türkei - CBI

For many UHNWIs, having a second citizenship is now a given in order to remain globally mobile in any situation.

Mobility has been redefined since the pandemic. We have all learned how important freedom of movement is. Use the possibility of a 2nd citizenship with passport or a 2nd residence by investment. Move globally in any situation.

The world is changing, many things will be different, act with foresight and use this legal opportunity to lead your family and yourself to a successful future.

We are a leading and together with our partner worldwide authorized agency for – Immigration by Investment – Talk to us today, we will be happy to advise you.

Treat yourself or your family, to this new fantastic quality of life and talk to us about it. We are one of the world’s leading agencies when it comes to immigration, professionalism, customer satisfaction and work processes. We do not waste time! – Travel and Live like your way. For us, quality matters not quantity. 


Short Overview

For many UHNWIs, having a second citizenship is now a given in order to remain globally mobile in any situation.

Brief Facts Citizenship by Investment Turkey

Instant visa-free travel to 111 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other major countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Turkish passport ranks 50th in terms of travel freedom

You do not have to renounce your current citizenship(s). No physical residency required. You can apply immediately. Applicants are usually required to attend an interview in Turkey

The whole process can take 1-5 months

When you apply for citizenship, you do not have to provide information about assets or income you currently have in other countries

rogram also suitable for married couples with children

The signed E-2 agreement between Turkey and the United States allows Turkish citizens to operate a major business and reside in the U.S.

Turkey passport is a serious passport. Biometrics passport, also known as electronic or digital passport, which increases security and reduces the risk of forgery.

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