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Daniel Marshall UHNWI event at the Kitzbühel Country Club



UHNWI event at the Kitzbühel Country Club. An afternoon of exquisite enjoyment

On the sidelines of the world-famous Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel, the prestigious Daniel Marshall cigar event took place at the Kitzbühel Country Club (KCC) in Kitzbühel near Reith. The Private Members Club is known for its platform, which offers high-caliber and globally acclaimed events and functions, as well as for its prestigious membership list consisting of international personalities who have found a second home in Richard Hauser’s fantastic club.

Arrival of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger arrives at Daniel Marshall’s iconic event at the Kitzbühel Country Club (KCC). The established cigar event, held for the 8th time this year, for members of the club and UHNWI who are personally invited by DM, is not to be missed by Arnold. Every year, he joins his close friend Daniel Marshall at the Kitzbühel Country Club for the event. This is where he meets friends and acquaintances, has a chat with them and enjoys a cigar in peace and quiet.

Video: Kevin Underwood

An afternoon of exquisite indulgence

In the heart of the Austrian Alps, the exclusive Kitzbühel Country Club, the Private Members Club in Austria, played host to a truly remarkable event – the Daniel Marshall UHNWI event – DM Campfire Event 2024 at KCC. Reveling in luxury, this soiree was an afternoon dedicated to the finer things in life, where elegance, sophistication and the renowned craftsmanship of Daniel Marshall came together in a perfect symphony.

Daniel Marshall is the cigar expert, cigar aficionado that the elite consult, and not just Hollywood, when it comes to cigars and fine humidors. These include presidents (USA), royal families from Europe and CEOs from all over the world. With his DM Campfire Club, he has created a global network in a class of its own. The basic idea behind this fantastic series of events is to bring together different influential people and personalities to spend a cozy afternoon or evening together. For more information, please contact Kevin Underwood or visit Daniel Marshall’s website directly if you would like to be part of this privileged circle.


Left: Daniel Marshall at the Kitzbuehel Country Club 2024. center: Richrad Hauser with Kevin Underwood. Right: Daniel Marshal running his UHNWI event at Kitubühel Country 2024. The event was only for members of the club or for personally invited guests of DM. Photos: Julian Maag for Kevin Underwood.

Daniel Marshall was the most popular man on the night. Photo: Julian Maag for Kevin Underwood.

The DM event quickly established itself for HNWI & UHNWI

This year, on January 20, 2024, Daniel Marshall’s established event for his friends and UHNWI, some of whom are world-famous, took place for the 8th time at the Kitzbühel Country Club (KCC). Daniel Marshall coined the phrase for true cigar aficionados, „We don’t smoke a cigar, we taste a cigar“. This year, the guests gladly took this sentence as an opportunity to do the same. As the sun set over the peaks of the Alps, the personally invited guests were enjoying a carefully selected range of exceptional cigars from Daniel Marshall, including the Red Label series.

The whole thing was combined with a twelve-year-old DALMORE whiskey. The aroma of premium tobacco filled the air as attendees enjoyed the afternoon to the fullest. So unique were the cigars that were perfectly paired with fine spirits. Finger food and snacks were also served.

Once again this year, many well-known personalities from Kitzbühel, Europe and the USA attended this iconic event. The most famous personality was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who looks forward to this event every year because he meets many friends and acquaintances there. Other guests included a variety of celebrities (guest list to follow), HNWI & UHNWI and connoisseurs of the exquisite lifestyle. The Daniel Marshall UHNWI events at the Kitzbühel Country Club are always events to remember.


The Dalmore 12 year old is one of the classics of the Dalmore distillery. It is an elegant Highland single malt whisky and is considered to be Andrew Mackenzie’s masterpiece. Kevin Underwood in conversation with a founding member of the Kitzbühel Country Club (KCC). Daniel Marshall presented his Golden Cigar to selected guests. Photos: Julian Maag for Kevin Underwood.


The Daniel Marshall DM2 Torpedo 24Kt Gold is certainly one of the most extraordinary cigars in the world. There is no other like it. Covered in 24-carat gold leaf, it turns the smoking experience into a very special, golden moment and stands for exclusivity, joie de vivre and unique enjoyment.

Daniel Marshall Gigante cigars belong to the „Red Series“, the red series of the US manufacturer. The American relies 100% on Nicaragua for the tobaccos. This ensures a spicy start with a 60 ring gauge. Notes of cocoa, piquant spices, coffee and traces of dried fruit and caramel are noticeable as the smoke progresses. At times, the long filler becomes earthier in taste.

Daniel Marshall Gigante. Photo: Daniel Marshall.

Kitzbühel Country Club

Set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Kitzbühel, the Kitzbühel Country Club is a refuge of luxury with unparalleled views of the Wilder Kaiser, for example, and first-class amenities. Its reputation as an exclusive venue for high-profile events made it the ideal setting for an event as exclusive as the Daniel Marshall – DM Campfire Meeting Kitzbühel 2024. The club has almost 1,500 members, celebrated its 10th anniversary in summer 2023 and also offers apartments for sale directly at the club, a unique concept. The interior of the club was carefully and lovingly selected worldwide by Richard Hauser and partly imported. For example, the unique handmade humidor by Daniel Marshall. It was made in California and imported to Kitzbühel. The great success of the Kitzbühel Country Club shows that the members feel at home there.

Daniel Marshall - A master of luxury and indulgence

Daniel Marshall, a name synonymous with luxury and fine craftsmanship, is known for creating some of the most exquisite humidors and cigars in the world. His dedication to quality and artistic expression has earned him a clientele that includes celebrities, dignitaries and discerning aficionados around the world.

The KCC cigar lounge, offered a premium bar with the finest champagnes, rare whiskies and bespoke cocktails. Connoisseurs relished the opportunity to enjoy exclusive drinks while mingling amidst the luxurious ambience of the Kitzbühel Country Club.

Top-class entertainment added to the festive atmosphere and created a lively backdrop for networking and socializing. Guests mingled in the chic venue, sharing their passion for luxury, craftsmanship and the Daniel Marshall brand.

A highlight of the evening was the presence of Daniel Marshall himself, who added a personal touch to the festivities. Attendees had the rare opportunity to interact with the master craftsman and gain insight into the art behind his renowned creations.

Daniel Marshall Campfire Club

The Daniel Marshall Campfire Club, is an exclusive international network of personalities, cigar lovers and people who know about fine enjoyment. The Campfire events take place at different and unique locations worldwide. If you would like to join this network, please send an application to Daniel Marshall. You will receive many benefits and get to know very interesting people, broaden your horizons and experience many unforgettable moments. The highlight event takes place once a year at the Kitzbühel Country Club. For more information, please contact Daniel Marshall directly.

The Daniel Marshall UHNWI event at the Kitzbühel Country Club transcended the ordinary and offered an intense experience of luxury, craftsmanship and camaraderie. Set against the backdrop of the Austrian Alps, this event exemplified the art of celebration and the ultimate in the Daniel Marshall lifestyle – an evening in which every detail reflected the quest for excellence.

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