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Private Member Club – Wingtip San Francisco



I present to you the newest Private Member Clubs 2022 in the International Associate Clubs network. The Private Member Club – Wingtip San Francisco, is part of the fantastic global network of International Associate Clubs, which consists of about 250 private clubs spread all over the world.

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Wingtip modern approach – elite members

The Private Member Club Wingtip, does not belong to the typical Private Members Clubs. The concept works very well and according to its own information, attracts many Silicon Valley employees and employees of the financial industry. Founded in 2002, the San Francisco-based men’s outfitters have their own clubhouse with a wine cellar, barber shop, cocktail bar and tailor shop.

Since 2012, the two concepts, a private members‘ club and a clothing store, have been very successfully merged into one address. Here one would like to promote social contacts on conventionally in a somewhat loose but at the same time elitist atmosphere.
This attracts a somewhat younger crowd, mostly from the techno and financial scene.

The Wingtip is located on 13,000 square meters in the attic of a listed building, in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district and is one of the best private clubs in the city.

A treasure in the middle of San Francisco

Insiders know that if you want the perfect craft cocktail, prefer California specialties as well as cuisine that provides international treats and breathtaking views, you can’t avoid visiting this club.


The mix of private members club and pub makes it work

The bar on the 10th floor combines the exclusivity of a classic private club with the atmosphere of a neighborhood pub. Members feel very comfortable here and networking can begin in this cozy atmosphere.

Spacious seating around the large island bar, tables in the lounge with breathtaking views of a San Francisco landmark, the Pyramid Building guarantee fantastic stays.

The most popular amenities at the Club

The many different private lounges, with different themes and space for 4 to 8 people, are popular with members. Whether it’s a billiards room, whiskey corner, or rooms with Darafeev gaming tables, Wingtip has so much to offer and a very wide variety that members appreciate.

Private Member Club - Wingtip San Francisco

However, I would like to highlight the fantastic wine cellar of the Private Member Club – Wingtip San Francisco. In 2,500 square meters, the club has created a true enclave for wine lovers. Here there are no televisions, no cocktails, just the sensual taste of wonderful wine. Of course, at the right temperature, which is regulated by a temperature controller in the wine storage room.


550 Montgomery St, 

San Francisco, CA 94111, Vereinigte Staaten

Web: Wingtip San Francisco

Web: International Associate Clubs, ein Netzwerk von weltweit über 250 Privaten Clubs. 

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