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The 5th Annual DM Campfire Kitzbuehel 2020



Daniel Marshall supplies Hollywood celebrities, presidents, captains of industry and royal families with his humidors and cigars. For the Kitzbühel Country Club he designed and built his own large humidor for the cigar lounge. Only recently he was awarded the prestigious „Lifetime Achievement Award“ in London.

“We don’t smoke…we taste !” – Daniel Marshall

Daniel Marshall
Daniel Marshall, Sean Penn Jeremy Irons, Daniel Marshall

On 25.1.2020 his annual Cigar Lounge Event will take place at the KCC. The luxurious DM camfire event series, takes place all over the world. Whether in Beverley Hills or in Kitzbühel, it is always a top-class luxurious event that many celebrities do not miss!

arold schwarzenegger
Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger, Daniel Marshall, Richard Hauser, Arnold Schwarzenegger und Heather Milligan

Daniel Marshall „Kitzbuhel Campfire“ Cigar Lounge & Terrace Event – Austria. Top luxury Cigar and Network Event. Unique in Austria! 25. January 2020, kitzbuehelcampfire

This event is a MUST for every cigar lover. Many celebrities and members of the Kitzbühel Country Club use this event for networking in a fantastic atmosphere – unique in Austria!

kevin underwood
Florian Koschat, Kevin Underwood, Daniel Marshall und Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger

Well-known personalities gather in a private atmosphere and dedicate themselves entirely to good enjoyment. Also always present are good friends or business partners of Daniel Marshall, who serve whisky, tequila or similar high-quality spirits.

Prinz Albert von Monaco
HSK Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Rainier Grimaldi, Daniel Marshall


Photos by KCC and DM



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